Child Safety Home Evaluation and Education

We will perform a home safety audit to ensure your home is safe for your child. We can help identify risks and provide comprehensive solutions. We address issues related to staircases, cabinets, drawers, furniture, doors  and windows.  We also address safety issues with electricity and other chemical household hazards.

In addition to the home safety evaluation,  we will also teach you everything we know about two of the following items depending on what is most needed for your child.

  • Child Care Options 101

  • New Mom

  • Toddler on the Move

  • Pools

  • Gun Safety

  • Teaching Your Child Safety Cues for the Community

  • Safe Social Media Use

  • Protecting Your Child from Predators

This is something that you can bring your whole family to your home to learn! Please contact us if interested!

Cost for Home Evaluation and two list items $195