Halloween Safety Tips!

Halloween Safety Tips

October brings many wonderful changes and fun events in Gainesville. The temperature changes to a beautiful fall chill and we start to think of the holidays. Halloween is a fall favorite for both adults and children as excitement peaks about parties, costumes and, of course, trick or treating. With the fun comes a necessity to ensure our children remain safe. We at DMD Health and Safety Training Services have included a few safety reminders for you to keep in mind this Halloween.

1. Make sure that costumes are bright or have reflective tape or lights, making them easily visible by motorists.

2. When purchasing costumes, make sure that they are flame resistant.

3. Place a nametag with phone number on your children’s costumes in case of separation from the group.

4. Do not use mask or head gear that make it difficult for your child to see as they may trip and fall.

5. Give all trick or treaters a flashlight to ensure better visibility.

6. Stay in groups and communicate with each other.

7. Do not let small children chew gum or consume hard candy as they can be a choking risk.

8. Do NOT enter a stranger’s home.

9. Always talk to older children who are going out without an adult and let them know the rules to follow.

10. Adults should check all candy to make sure that none of it was previously opened.