Teaching Your Kids About Poison Ivy

"Leaves of three, let them be!"

Who knows that old saying? Of course, it applies to poison ivy. Warm weather means you're probably going to be outside more, so be sure to watch out for this plant.

Symptoms of poison ivy include:

-Extremely itchy skin

-A red rash that may appear in patches or streaks wherever the skin made contact with the plant or sap.

-Raised bumps that may turn into blisters.

To treat:

- Wash the area of contact carefully.

- Apply cold compresses to the site.

- Apply calamine lotion and hydrocortisone cream.

- If needed, take an oatmeal bath.

Severe allergic reactions are possible and may require urgent care. These include discharge at the site, a rash that doesn't respond to home treatment and a rash on the genitals or face.

Poison ivy sap can get on your shoes and clothes, so these will not necessarily protect you. It's better to avoid altogether.

Show your child this picture so they can also prepare today for a safer tomorrow.