"Remember to always wear sunscreen."

Summer should be fun for the kids - swimming, camp, fun in the sun. We totally believe that. But wait... Kids need to be safe in the sun, so let's talk sunscreen.

Up to 90% of melanomas are caused by UVB rays, so it's critical to use sunscreen correctly. What SPF? SPF = Sun Protection Factor and corresponds to how long the sunscreen will protect you... in theory. In reality, you still need to reapply every 1-2 hours. Even "waterproof" sunscreen rubs off. Additionally, you should apply 30 minutes BEFORE going into the sun.

Remember to put sunscreen on your kids even if they're just at the playground. According to the CDC, "Tanned skin is damaged skin."

And infants? Most sunscreens aren't designed for children under 6 months so it's best to reduce their exposure to sun and put them in hats and protective clothing.

Prepare today for a safer tomorrow!